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For 25 years, BTA – now part of NewCMI Ltd – has helped thousands of companies grow and move forward with innovative IT and dependable support. We understand that IT is a fundamental building block in the growth of your business and we are passionate about the success of our clients. We take care of your IT, so you can focus on running your business.


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BTA will help eliminate your company's IT-based concerns. Our mission is to bring enterprise-level IT services and IT support to our clients, day and night. With over 20 years of experience, our experts will work to find the right solution for whatever IT challenges your business may face.

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What our clients say

"It was amazing that it worked."

- Grunberg & Co

BTA was tasked with updating Grunberg & Co's entire IT infrastructure, and managed to do this seamlessly during a weekend of heavy snowfall in London.  Grunberg & Co are a firm of chartered accountants. IT Manager Robert Bean talks about their experience with BTA's fully Managed IT services.

"Our trusted provider."

- Anderson Group

BTA has been a long-term IT provider to the Anderson Group and provides them with diverse and multi-disciplined support, 24x7.  The Anderson Group specialises in construction,  development and land acquisition. IT Manager Leigh Cummings talks about their experience with BTA's flexible IT services.

News: BTA is acquired by NewCMI Ltd

We are thrilled to announce that BTA Ltd has been acquired by NewCMI Ltd – one of the leading Managed IT Service Providers in the UK.

NewCMI Ltd, known simply as CMI, successfully creates IT strategies, manages IT systems and supports the IT departments of over 400 organisations across the private and third sectors.

It's business as usual for BTA customers, but this great news will allow for an even better IT support service, with more resources and a larger professional services team, with an even wider skillset.

Ken Roulston, Managing Director of CMI, spoke about the significance of the move:  “The acquisition of BTA will create an even stronger IT service provider with multiple UK offices, nearly 100 staff and a combined turnover of over £11M. We take great pride in providing our customers with the best advice, so that they get the most from their IT investment.  Bob Brittaine, our Chairman, Graham Stead, Client Relationship Director, Michael O’Neill, Technical Director, and I have over 100 combined years in the IT services sector. We’re excited about what the future holds.”

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