Network Design & Upgrades

Your network is the backbone of your productivity.  Make sure it is optimised.  

Your IT network is the backbone that enables your business to function. No matter what the size of your business, you need a network solution that delivers constantly and is optimised for peak performance. Achieving this however, is no simple task.  The complexities of implementing and maintaining optimised networks requires a high level of skill and years of expertise.

At BTA we take network design and upgrades very seriously, bearing in mind that getting your network right is fundamental to the rest of your IT.  We work closely with you to ensure that the technologies and products we include in your network exactly meet your requirements and expectations, as well as set you up for success down the road.


Complete Network Infrastructure Solutions

We are experts in the design, implementation and support of networks that enable your business to maximise its investment in IT.  Our specialist consultants can provide network solutions for organisations that have anywhere from a handful of users to thousands.

Our network design services cover multi-vendor networks and management systems. We can provide an analysis of the design of your current network and offer recommendations based on industry best practices, or start from scratch.

Our tried and tested network solutions will provide you with:

  • Cost savings and improved efficiency – by utilising the latest and most secure networking hardware and software
  • Increased user mobility and productivity – our network solutions increase the productivity of your key users, enabling them to have a direct impact on your bottom line
  • Improved remote access for customers, partners and employees – Our VPN solutions provide secure remote access enabling your business to operate 24/7

Your network is too important to trust to just anyone - get experts with over 20 years of experience. Schedule your free consultation today, call us on 020 8875 7676.