Managed WiFi Networks

Consumer WiFi isn’t going to cut it for most business’s WiFi needs. Whether you need business-grade WiFi network for guests in the conference room or roaming employees, BTA can help.

People want to stay connected. Whether it's at the airport or at the coffee shop around the corner, today everyone expects broadband wherever they go. Keeping your employees connected to your network via in-office wireless also allows them to stay on connected even when away from their desk. For retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses, offering WiFi can be the difference between keeping customers coming back and losing them to the competition.


But offering WiFi does pose challenges. How will you manage the costs and complexity? How can you keep your network secure and compliant? How can you make sure to provide a positive user experience?


BTA will design, implement and manage a business-grade Wifi network designed around your business’s unique needs.  We can determine who has access to it, where it is accessible, how long guests can stay on it, and any other setting you may want to define.


Control Access & Security with Cisco Meraki

WiFi poses a potential security risk unless implemented properly.  BTA uses Cisco Meraki to ensure that you benefit from the latest WiFi management and security technology.  With Meraki you will enjoy an enterprise class WLAN system with cloud based central management. Plus with built-in guest access, you are able to offer guests internet access while defending your LAN from viruses, malicious actors and unauthorised access.


Don’t settle for anything less than a business-grade WiFi solution designed by BTA.  Get in touch today to find out more.