Network Support & Web Hosting

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Get the Network Your Business Needs to Excel 

Your network is the backbone of your productivity. Make sure it is optimised.  

Your IT network is the backbone that enables your business to function. No matter what the size of your business, you need a network solution that delivers constantly and is optimised for peak performance. Achieving this however, is no simple task.  The complexities of implementing and maintaining optimised networks requires a high level of skill and years of expertise.

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Domain Hosting

Domain, Email & Web Hosting

All businesses need an internet presence to keep in touch with customers, suppliers and staff.

BTA offers a wide array of domain hosting packages. We have something for everyone, whether you are a blogger looking to host a single-page website, or a large company in need of multiple domain corporate website hosting.

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High Speed Internet Access & Private WANs

A reliable business internet connection is the base from which all other IT elements grow. 

These days a business is really only as good as its internet connection. At BTA we provide a complete range of reliable, business-grade internet and private network connectivity solutions from simple managed broadband (ADSL and FTTC) through to multi-line solutions and private MPLS and VPLS lines up to 1Gbs and beyond.

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Business-grade WiFi Networks from BTA Make All the Difference

Consumer WiFi isn’t going to cut it for most business’s WiFi needs. Whether you need business-grade WiFi network for guests in the conference room or roaming employees, BTA can help. 

People want to stay connected. Whether it's at the airport or at the coffee shop around the corner, today everyone expects broadband wherever they go. Keeping your employees connected to your network via in-office wireless also allows them to stay on connected even when away from their desk. For retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses, offering WiFi can be the difference between keeping customers coming back and losing them to the competition.

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