Hosted Server Solutions

Take your server to the cloud and eliminate hardware and utility expenses.

Many businesses are unaware of the benefits that cloud computing can offer through server and infrastructure hosting. Yet many small and midsized businesses would benefit significantly from adopting private cloud hosting solutions for their business-critical applications.

The benefits of hosting your server and other critical computing apparatus in the cloud include:

  • Less hardware to maintain
  • More space in your office
  • Considerable reduction in utility costs
  • Reduction in overheads
  • Professional, expert support


Stop the capital outlays that come from purchasing expensive hardware.

Modern private cloud solutions provide reliable access to your servers and the most modern business computing capabilities, without having to maintain on-site equipment. BTA can build and maintain a private cloud environment that is extremely flexible and delivers the computing resources that you require to be the most productive business you can be—without having to install and maintain equipment at your offices.


Access to the files and applications you depend on, from anywhere.

Aside from the cost reduction your organisation will see in capital expenditure and on-site infrastructure costs, you will experience added agility that will help take your business to the next level. Having access to the files or applications you need, from anywhere, via almost any device, promotes the mobility that many small and midsized businesses are seeking in today's competitive marketplace. Your employees are no longer be restricted to the office; they can work on the road, at home or even at the beach!


BTA offers value and flexibility.

BTA offers a complete set of options for your company to move your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. We will carefully evaluate your needs and budget, considering where your business is now, and where it is going.  The plan we will implement will be tailored to you, using best-of-breed partners, services, and hosting platforms (including our own secure datacentre location, housed with the world’s largest datacentre provider).

Move your company forward with the tools needed to be productive, while reducing costs. For more information about our private cloud and hosted infrastructure solutions, or any of our other expertly-managed IT services, call us today on 020 8875 7676.