Choosing the Best Cloud Service Provider

Cloud File Sharing and Backup

Continuous protection for your critical data - powered by CrashPlan.

Data. Files. It seems like they are everywhere! Many live safely squirrelled away on servers, but critical business data and files also often end up in the places that have the least amount of protection: on laptops and devices. Having access to files and data at anytime, anywhere and on any device is fast becoming the norm. But how do you protect them? What happens if a device is lost? What happens to that critical spreadsheet the boss was working on at home if her hard drive fails?


Say hello to the data backup solution that will keep your files safe anywhere.

BTA’s Managed Data Backup service, powered by CrashPlan, takes your business backup to new heights by continuously sending your encrypted data to our secure online cloud. The “set it and forget it” nature will make backup one less thing to worry about. Most users never even notice it’s there. But when they need a file restored, the easy-to-use interface allows them to restore files quickly on their own.


How does it work?

  • Silent, continuous backups — it runs invisibly in the background, allowing users to work without interruption and ensuring round-the-clock data protection.
  • Unlimited storage, and every version — there is no need to compromise backup policies to fit arbitrary limits. Keep an unlimited number of versions and even deleted files forever, with no restriction on size, number, frequency or type of files.
  • Self-service restore — a streamlined user interface makes it easy for end users to locate and restore their data; it’s as easy as browsing folders to locate the data to be accessed or restored.
  • End-to-end security — data is encrypted on the device (448-bit blowfish), and remains encrypted in-transit (AES-128, TLS) and at rest.
  • Legal hold and compliance — unlimited data retention settings, granular controls, real-time dashboard, tamper-proof backup archives, and admin-initiated push restores allow you to retain all previous versions of files, offering an easy way to ensure your organization meets compliance and legal requirements.
  • Access and restore from anywhere — mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon Kindle Fire provide a hassle-free way for users to access files and stay productive wherever they may be.
  • Smart backup — securely backs up the most recently changed files first, on any network, no VPN necessary.
  • Cross platform protection — back up every file on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X laptops and desktops, with a consistent experience across all platforms.
  • Secure — backups are stored in secure ISO27001/SSAE16 certified data centres.
  • Simple — No need to purchase or maintain software licenses, annual maintenance or updates.

For more information about our cloud file sharing and back-up, get in touch today. Our trusted experts will provide your organisation with the help and advice you need to do things the right way.