Top Cloud Computing Companies 2018

Covering London and the South East


Cloud technology will save you money and increase efficiency.

In the past businesses needed to purchase, run, and maintain their entire IT infrastructure on premise. This typically created capital and operational costs that strained the limits of the IT budget as well as limited the flexibility of the company's computing capabilities. 

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Microsoft Office 365Microsoft Office 365

No capital costs, just simple per-user monthly billing.

For most businesses, the Microsoft Office suite has long been a staple ingredient in the software cupboard. But the business world is fast evolving, and staff need to be able to work from anywhere on different types of devices—ideally on applications they know.

Microsoft Office 365 addresses this with its cloud-based productivity suite and email.  It is provided as a service with no capital costs, just simple per-user monthly billing. Your organisation is able to spend less, provide staff with the tools they need for flexible working, and maintain the continuity of applications everyone knows.

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Google Apps for Cloud-Based Productivity

Google Apps for Work

Applications in the cloud that make it possible to unite your team from anywhere.

Google Apps for Work is a cloud-based productivity suite for your business that helps you get work done from anywhere, on any device. It provides flexible access to business email, online calendars, file storage, documents, video meetings, and much more. 

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Private Clouds & Hosted Server Solutions

Take your server to the cloud and eliminate hardware and utility expenses.

Many businesses are unaware of the benefits that cloud computing can offer through server and infrastructure hosting. Yet many small and midsized businesses would benefit significantly from adopting private cloud hosting solutions for their business-critical applications.

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Virtualised Desktop SolutionsVirtualised Desktop Solutions from BTA

Introducing your desktop delivered from the cloud.

Business owners and executives are always looking to save money. By using virtualisation techniques it is possible to load all of your essential programs into a cloud environment and then deliver them to your employees’ workstations. Centralising an employee’s digital environment in the cloud allows workers to access the data they need from all types of devices, including smartphones and tablets, through their web browser.

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