In his songs, Wincent Weiss tells stories and shares emotions and moods. These are songs that you can effortlessly associate with special moments in life and that have the potential to become the soundtrack of your own life.

Dario Suppan


Despite everything that has weighed us down, depressed us, impacted us negatively and subjectively paralysed us so frequently in recent times: It is so wonderful and exhilarating to realise over and over again what ultimately drives us and thus stops us from burying our head in the sand: CONFIDENCE!

A force that drives us and lets us focus on what lies ahead. Recent months have made abundantly clear how strong this force is, how much energy it releases, and how deeply it is rooted in us. „Vielleicht Irgendwann“ is the title of Wincent Weiss‘ new album which was released in May 2021. And it exudes an enormous power! How does a bundle of energy, who for the last three years has been almost exclusively in the fast lane at full throttle, channel the condition of suddenly being brought to a grinding halt? Noticeable in the circle of concert-goers, countable in more than one million monthly listeners on Spotify, and 810,000 on Instagram. In 600 million audio streams, over 65 million video views, and 330,000 subscribers to his own YouTube channel. Top-10 listings and umpteen thousand plays in the Radio Airplay Charts, Top-3 listings in the official sales charts. Tangible in many platinum and gold awards for his last singles and albums. In the form of awards like the ECHO, an MTV Music Award, a Radio Regenbogen Award, the „Goldene Henne“, the Audi Generation Award and twice the Bavarian Music Lion. Within a very short time, he ascended from a young man in his early 20s, full of dreams, to one of the most successful and sought-after artists in the German music scene.

Wincent Weiss has done exactly the right thing. He used the time to reflect – on himself and the world around him. And turned this into music. 15 new songs. As open and honest as never before, as powerful and musically diverse as never before. And he shows us that „Vielleicht Irgendwann“ does not bear the imprint of stagnation or resignation, but confidence. A damn good feeling!

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