During his travels and in the course of almost one year as tour support, WILSN had plenty of time to get inspired and get creative. Now he is ready to launch his own art.

Samuel Smelty


WILSN – raised near Munich – is many things: rapper, model, songwriter, drummer, basketball player, and athlete. Growing up under the influence of his creative and musical family, he learned quickly to realise his full potential and to focus on what lies ahead. After modelling for brands like Champion, About You or KICKZ, he launched his first fashion collection „NO MORE WASTED DAYS“ in 2022. Using this collection, he spread the message that he knows all too well: Pursue your own goals without comparing yourself with others. During this time, he also redefined himself as an artist and staged several shows supporting CRO.

Everything that WILSN has seen, learned and achieved as well as what he has failed at is part of the message he communicates to the outside through his art.

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