The Berliner addresses everything that is on her mind. This includes not just light-hearted and positive issues, but also the aftermath of a destructive relationship. Wilhelmine embodies empowerment in the form of music.

Shauna Summers


Wilhelmine likes to stop the world and look at it calmly. Her „HEUTE“, as she calls her daily Instagram stories, is full of moments where she filmed hectic everyday situations in slow motion. When Wilhelmine sings, there is no mistaking her Berlin twang, which is revealed by her open and direct speech. You can hear it in the attitude projected by the tone and pitch of her voice. Wilhelmine addresses everything that is on her mind. And her „everything“ is not just light-hearted and simple. Her songs reflect her freedom and being in love as well as her experiences with addiction and resentment.

In her single „Feuervogel“, the Berlin musician sings about the aftermath of a destructive relationship and the attempt to reconnect at a distance. Can friendship blossom where fire once raged? „I know I‘m enough“ – those who know Wilhelmine‘s previous songs like „Solange du dich newest“ or „Komm wie du best“ know how important this topic is to her. And they can guess how ground-breaking the relationship dealt with in „Feuervogel“ was for her self-discovery. „I lived with someone for a long time, in a relationship that didn‘t do either of us any good,“ says Wilhelmine about the autobiographical inspiration for her new song. „We both wanted different things and instead of getting closer, w drifted apart. But this song is about the years after a relationship. The years of separation and the challenges of splitting up furniture/a house or maybe even children or pets.“

At the beginning of an attempt to reconcile there was „wounded pride,“ says Wilhelmine. „How do you manage to not let hurt feelings and emotions affect your actions?“ Building on this, she dedicates her song to the question of whether and how it is possible to build „a new, different connection to each other“ after a failed relationship. Even if the combination of fire and wind was doomed to fail in the relationship: To this day, Wilhelmine is fascinated by the characteristics of the firebird: „For me, this word encompasses both fieriness, passion and the need for freedom, which are stark contrasts.“
„Feuervogel“ follows the huge success of Wilhelmine‘s last single „Eins sein“, which reached, inter alia, #1 on the TikTok Deutschland Hot 50 Charts and #27 on YouTube Trends and became a viral hit of 2021 owing to 60k TikTok Creations and over 8 mio. views on TikTok and Instagram Reels.

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Shauna Summers