Tuffy is not a rapper. He is not a singer-songwriter, not a reggae musician. It‘s what emerges when a talented kid socializes musically between 50 Cent and Bob Marley, cries to Frank Ocean and dreams to Tame Impala, explores reggae‘s roots in Jamaica at 18, and spends his life soaking up pop culture and music history like a sponge .



The story of music as a first great love has often been told. Whether they always
is correct? Hard to say. But when Tuffy talks about it, you immediately sense that
he really means it. Ever since then, in kindergarten, where he was three or four
For years I didn‘t want to do anything but make music. A good 20 years later,
nothing changed. After initial successes with his band Nibiru Natives, the 26-
year-old now also starts solo. And leaves for studio sessions with the Jugglerz and Majan,
as well as a first guest appearance on his show at the Summer Jam 2022 now own
songs follow. With vocals reminiscent of reggae and the tuffy with catchy hooks
and pop arrangements, but also his love for hip-hop.
Growing up in no man‘s land in Baden-Württemberg, Tuffy follows as before
mentioned early on his passion. Drums come first, then the piano. When he was 11
years old, this is his first time sitting at his brother‘s DAW. Thanks to this, Tuffy grows
also featuring music: mixtapes and albums by 50 Cent, G-Unit and Eminem. With the
Software on the computer, suddenly everything comes together. Tuffy builds first beats and
plays drums all the time. „My parents must have been incredibly annoyed, but it was just my life,” remembers Tuffy, who founded his first band a short time later - again with his big brother, as well as friends from school.
“I was allowed to be on stages when I was 12 and I was able to do this concert thing
take along. That was very nice,” recalls Tuffy, who is all of by this point thinking he‘s going to be a drummer. “But actually I had the desire and also the urge to be an artist myself. It just took me a long time to have the necessary self-confidence.” Tuffy goes back to producing. “I thought if the songs at least sound good, then it‘s less embarrassing.“

A little later, Tuffy moves to Mannheim. “I was totally lost because after all the
experiences in my youth I still haven‘t found my sound.
At some point I rented a house in Poland for a month, and I lived there
locked up, jammed, tried around - and that‘s how I found my voice. Suddenly
I knew how I wanted to sound.“
Tuffy returns with a newfound musical identity and a handful of sketches back to Mannheim. The band Nibiru Natives is formed with his roommates, but
Tuffy is also pursuing his solo career and working on his own songs. In Berlin he spend the summer of 2022 in various sessions with acts like Patrice or Kilian & Jo. Back in Mannheim, Tuffy is now releasing his first solo songs. Fed by their own rap roots and roots reggae, but also one new openness to pop.
„It sounds so cheesy, but I just dared myself to be honest with myself. For a long time I was very dogmatic, closed off and set myself limits. But my listening habits have changed over the years. I started a lot listening to more mainstream music – and that has spread on my own as well transfer songs. Suddenly I dared a lot more – and it turned out really well felt. I‘m happy the way it is. It has exactly those experiences and all that time needed to finally be here as Tuffy and release these songs.”

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