Tom Twers stands out from the crowd with his very own unmistakable style between pop and hip hop and is already making a name for himself on social media.

Tabby Nguyen


Tom Twers is a musician through and through.
As a child he sat down at the piano and learned to write his own songs. What he intuitively did back then without a music teacher has continued today with a music degree.
He has continued to develop his skills at all levels over the years without losing the ease and passion of his early beginnings. This development has led to the fact that Tom has developed his very own unmistakable style today and can thus stand out from the crowd with his music.
Now Tom is ready to jump into new spheres. A new genre and mix of German pop and hip-hop is born. It is understandable that successful music colleagues have already cast their eyes on him and that new collaborations will be forthcoming in the coming months.
But it‘s not just the music industry that‘s showing interest. In addition to his career as a musician, Tom is also very successful on social media with several hundred thousand fans.
So it is hardly surprising that a number of well-known brands such as HUAWEI, PICK UP! or Tommy Hilfiger have discovered their talent and are aiming for further collaborations.

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