It‘s hard to survive in the music business, but Peter Bjorn and John have done that and then some. The Swedish indie-pop trio have been triumphing via their pitch-perfect alchemy of varying sounds and styles for two decades now.



And their ninth album Endless Dream is but the latest proof of the unique creative chemistry that Peter Morén, Björn Yttling, and John Eriksson have successfully worked with for so long.

Indeed, with Endless Dream Peter Bjorn & John find themselves reflecting on the long journeythey‘ve taken together—what they‘ve been through, where they are now, and where they‘ll be next.“It‘s astonishing we‘re still around,“ Morén reflects on the trio‘s creative relationship. „People aroundus say that we don‘t act like friends—we act like brothers. It can be very creative, and we‘re nicer toeach other than when we used to be.“ „This album‘s filled with various types of madness, and to havea band for 20 years is a type of madness itself,“ Eriksson continues. „There‘s a lot of stuff we‘ve justgotten started with. You never know when you‘re gonna hit gold, and you‘re never finished—so youjust need to keep going.“

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