Pantha does not mince her words. Instead, she reflects uncompromisingly on what goes on inside her. No flowery metaphors. No worn-out stereotypes or cheap phrases. Whatever she has to say, she expresses with ruthless candour in her songs. Sometimes even with brutal honesty.

Dario Suppan


PANTHA loves playing with rough edges and the unconventional. Even if that results in bruises. Just as contradictory as PANTHA‘s sound is her path so far: Early on, the self-taught musician tries out different directions and soon realises that she wants. As well as what she doesn‘t want. She drops out of her jazz studies in Cologne and follows her own rules. PANTHA likes to think outside the stylistic box, always turning creative chaos into something new, as she demonstrates with her tracks.

PANTHA‘s music and lyrical DNA are permeated by contrasts and contradictions. Her words pack a punch, yet they are enshrouded in lightness. In her songs, among them the charmingly direct and highly successful „Richtig Scheisse“ and most recently „10 Dinge“, the 23-year-old gets to the heart of universally perceived ups and downs of relationships. PANTHA can already boast more than 6 million streams on all platforms, Top 150 successes in the Spotify Charts, a Vogue interview, Kraftklub podcast love, various playlist covers and thousands of TikTok Creations. Now, the multi-talented newcomer from Mannheim presents her first EP „Barfuss“ and is the face of Apple Music‘s „Up Next“ campaign in May.
It‘s about life‘s rollercoaster moments which PANTHA tells in a straightforward, yet sugar-sweet, feel-good and thus all the more powerful way. The „Barfuss“ EP was produced by Alex Isaak (Backstreet Boys, Robin Schulz, Trey Songz) and Fayan (Jamule, Mero, Badmómzjay, Celine, Monet192, Elif, Shirin David). PANTHA‘s extraordinary Altpop style combines electronic beats and edgy sound elements with German lyrics. Her shimmering voice is characterised by an irresistible sound, and her vibes go straight to the heart, soul and mind. In addition to her previous songs „Richtig Scheisse“, „Nur ein bisschen“, „Was ich will“ and „10 Dinge“, the EP also features „Barfuss“, the single that lent its name to the EP.

PANTHA says about this song: „I wrote „Barfuss“ for my best friend. It allowed me to communicate a few things to her that I might not have said otherwise. She is like a sister to me. We have known each other since 1st grade. That‘s why it is all the more difficult to see how she‘s been struggling for a while now. She also lives a few miles away, so I can‘t be there for her the way I‘d like to be…“

With „Barfuss“ and the EP bearing the same name, PANTHA is about to embark on the next chapter in her career. In addition to Apple Music‘s „Up Next“ campaign, PANTHA will soon be featured on The Circle Sessions, too.

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Dario Suppan