Namika transforms her longing for normality into new songs, which she also uses to go in search of answers. She entrances her audience with musical contrasts in her German Urban Pop.

Lindsey Appolis


Honestly: Who hasn‘t dreamed of just leaving everything behind during the last two years? Briefly pretending that there is no pandemic ruling your life and instead packing your bags or shouldering your backpack, getting on a plane and enjoying yourself in the most remote corners of the world for a few weeks, leaving all your cares behind? With her new single „Globus“, Namika has turned this very longing into a song. „Komm, ich dreh‘ am Globus – und du tippst drauf, ganz egal ob Nordpol oder Curaçao. One-Way, zu zweit, wohin dein Finger auch zeigt“ are the words Frankfurt-born Namika sings along powerful and cheerful Afropop beats, describing an irrepressible wanderlust and the moment when the travel bug takes hold of you.

„Globus“ was created at the height of the pandemic. Stores, bars, clubs and restaurants had closed down from one moment to the next and the entire population was stuck at home in lockdown - leisure activities such as „traveling“, which we considered so „normal“ and „natural“, now seemed to be a luxury. „If we can‘t get out into the world for now, I will bring the world into our homes – I want to take all of us on an audio-visual trip around the world,“ Namika says. „As overwhelming as the last two years of the pandemic have been, there is also something positive about them. It felt like something or someone briefly hit the reset button for us, to create time and space for the essential things in life. Be it the question of whether your place in life right now is right and good for you. Or whether work-related stress has possibly left some marks on you after all.“ Suddenly, there was enough time to sincerely ask „How are you?“ and to think about it honestly.

That is one of the reasons why the title of Namika‘s new album, to be launched in early autumn 2022, is „Wie geht’s dir?“ The songs were produced during the last three years. An intense time, during which Namika not only becomes ill and retreats, but also a time during which a global pandemic messes up everyone‘s life well and truly. „During this time, outsiders would often ask me how I was doing and I must admit that I sometimes caught myself just saying „Fine“, without even being honest to myself about the real answer to this question. Of course, I was not „fine,“ Namika remembers. „This was when I realised that the way we deal with this question in daily life does not even come close to the depth of this question. If you really want to know, take some time to listen to the answer. That is precisely what Namika did in her album „Wie geht’s dir?“ She set out to find some answers – all of which turned out very differently.

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