Lucifer Xo symbolizes goodness – love, cohesion, tolerance. His music is somewhere between pop and rap. He sings clear-as-a-bell and with tuned sound, a sensitive voice and using hard words.

Moritz Schaich


Lucifer Xo’s lyrics are painful and can hurt. The talented songwriter uses lines such as “Eigentlich bräucht’ ich Therapie / Doch lüg’ mich immer wieder an / Ich sag: ‚Ich schaff‘ das irgendwie’ / Als hätt‘ ich’s selber in der Hand“. Sometimes he himself is his biggest source of inspiration when writing his texts, sometimes it is his entourage. What is clear: The 20-year old singer expresses exactly the feelings of an entire generation.

His lyrics primarily focus on self-perception, inner struggle and – in the artist’s own words, “the absoluteness of yourself and the process to accept and live with this and to find one’s place in the world”. The lyrics in this context are deep and direct, speaking of true, strong, intelligently expressed emotions – and nothing less.

An equally democratic message being an artist: Lucifer Xo stands for goodness, love, solidarity and tolerance. He grew up in a multicultural and multilingual environment in Hanover (Northern Germany) and he speaks up against all types of discrimination and judging. He speaks, sings and raps about topics such as mental health and diversity. He addresses painful issues and acts in which superficialities or even insults are part of our daily lives.

For his followers he cultivates his image as a dreamy, charismatic, smoking and nicely relaxed singer with frizzy hair, hoodie and baggy pants. A look his fans like as much as his (musical) goal: “To be a safe space for all misfits who look for their place in our society.”

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Moritz Schaich