Leony is not only successful with her own songs but also excels as songwriter for other artists. For her, making music is the greatest thing she loves to do every day together with her best friends.

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Leony is one of the most popular artists in Germany. Just recently she was the #1 of the official German charts presenting “Raindrops” in collaboration with Katja Krasavice. Her single “Faded Love” was the top song for eight weeks in the Music Trace Airplay charts and was meanwhile streamed over 400 million times worldwide. She works together with celebrities such as Alan Walker, Sam Feldt, VIZE, Dimitri Vegas, Pascal Letoublon, Capital Bra and many others.

Already early on, Leony was much interested in music and she took piano and guitar lessons. At the age of 14, she and two of her neighbourhood friends started uploading cover versions to YouTube. Not much later, a talent scout of a German casting show contacted the three friends. Taking part in the “Rising Star” show, Leony gained first insights into the music business. The three were the winners of the show, demonstrating Leony’s talent. But the big success was not achieved and after the show things quieted down for the newcomer band.

After completing high school in 2015 with the German Abitur, she participated in a first song writing session in Stockholm. She spent the following years mainly in Sweden writing her own songs. Not much later, she signed her first record contract with Sony Australia, flew to Down Under and finalized her first two singles “Surrender” and “Boots”.

Video and photo shootings and PR activities were new to the 19-year old singer. She participated in more song writing sessions around the globe: in Stockholm, London and Norway as well as in Los Angeles. Finally she came to Berlin and met Vitali Zestovskih in early 2019, her future manager, co-writer and producer. They found out quickly that they are a good match and have the same musical ideas. She moved to Berlin and after some time published her first solo single with Kontor Records. As one of the most popular German producers, Vitali knew how to best provide a setting for Leony’s voice and use her full potential. As a result, they currently both sit and work together in a studio writing and producing songs.

In 2021 Leony received gold status in Germany for her solo single “Faded Love”. Just recently, “Far Away From Home” (with Sam Feldt and VIZE) and “Paradise” (with VIZE & Joker Bra) were also awarded gold status in Germany. But Leony is not only successful with her own singles but also as songwriter for other musicians. As such, she contributed e.g. to the mega hit “Never Let Me Down” from VIZE & Tom Gregory. The song received gold and platinum awards in Germany, Canada, Poland, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, she was a co-writer of the “White Lies” single from VIZE & Tokio Hotel which was awarded with gold as well. Leony comments: “It is great to do music with my best friends every day and it is a great privilege for me to daily do what I love most“.

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