LEA‘s fans regard her melancholic indie electro pop as “life aid”. She herself focusses on the search for (self-) perception. Mutual support among artists is very important to LEA too.



LEA‘s lyrics and her voice which can sound soft and fragile but also powerful and rough are the reasons for her fame. Her hit songs “Leiser”, “Immer wenn wir uns sehn” and “110” made her become one of the most successful singers in Germany. The lyrics are like diary entries describing her life: personal, vulnerable, strong and always authentic. “I have the feeling that writing my songs is like capturing small moments of my life and putting them into text form”, she says.

LEA wishes to be heard as an artist, wants to reach out to people and evoke emotions through her music and lyrics. This feeling to express herself through music arose already quite early. Lea, born in Kassel (Germany), sat at her father’s piano for the first time when she was six. At the age of eleven, she occupied the living room for days to write her first own songs. Aged 16 she had her first hit and scored a first YouTube success with the song “Wohin willst du?”. The song had over 2.8 million clicks and won rank 11 in the German charts in 2017 as a remix with the DJ duo “Gestört aber GeiL”.

In 2016 Four Music published LEA’s first very melancholic album ”Vakuum”. While this music primarily touched her fans due to her room-filling voice, her second album “Zwischen meinen Zeilen” (2018) was lighter, more open and a bit more mature. Her single “Leiser” became a radio hymn and brought LEA her first gold record. Thanks to her new lightness and the opening of her special universe LEA has found an entire new sound world with “Zwischen meinen Zeilen”.

With her third album called “Treppenhaus” (“staircase”) she sticks to this type of sound but without repeating herself. The songs tell new stories about LEA’s life, show new facets and demonstrate her growth as an artist. Her way of telling true stories through music is distinctive. LEA says: “Zwischen meinen Zeilen” has been a very important album for me and every song means a lot to me. The sound and soundscape reflects so much of me and myself that I did not feel I had to change anything in my new album “Treppenhaus”. “Treppenhaus” builds up on this and gives some insight into my life. It does show new facets of me as a musician but fans will still recognize me – and maybe also see themselves – in the stories I tell”, comments LEA.

Her first single also entitled “Treppenhaus” describes her personal love story. “The song is about the relationship to someone from whom you just cannot turn away although you know it would be better.” The staircase in this context represents the “inbetween feeling” in which both people are stuck. The place where they meet. And then there is the ”door of the other one in front of which we stood again and again.“

In 2019 LEA was on her sold-out tour “Zwischen meinen Zeilen” – a “sensational experience“ for the singer. In 2020 she was ready for more and went on tour in Germany with her album “Treppenhaus” – this time singing in large music halls. In the same year she was part of the VOX TV show “Sing meinen Song”.

It is important for LEA to efficiently use her outreach and fame. “I am lucky: I am surrounded by some really great female artists who are in the same situation as I am“, LEA says, referring to her friends Antje Schomaker and Emily Roberts. All three women wish to be perceived due to their music and art skills and they rather support each other instead of competing uselessly against each other. “Right now, so much happens in the music business. The more doors we open now, the more influential and great women can follow us. Let us now assert our influence with joint forces!”

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