On the one side he is this down-to-earth guy and could definitely be your best friend, but as soon as he grabs his guitar, comes on stage and starts to sing, it seems the world stands still for a moment. In 2015 his hit single “Call You Home” was among the top 10 and one of the most played tracks on German radio. It earned gold status.

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Kelvin Jones was born in 1995 in Simbabwe as Tinashe Mupani. At the age of nine, his family moved to London. Not an easy time for him. “For a long time, he was the only black child in school. Quite often the family moved to other places and Kevin attended eight different schools. Therefore Kelvin learned to make new friends quickly – and to play music. In 2014 these two things changed Kelvin’s life dramatically and overnight. One of his good friends posted his song “Call You Home” on the Reddit website – and overnight he became famous all over the world.

Kelvin then moved to Berlin. His success story: the debut album “Stop the Moment“, Spotify plays and millions of YouTube views as well as gold and platinum awards – not only for his debut single but also for “Only Thing We Know”, his Airplay no. 1 collaboration with “Alle Farben” and “Love To Go” with Lost Frequencies. Much success indeed but also the questions he posed: Who am I after all? Why do I play music at all?

“This Too Shall Last”, the second album of Kelvin Jones published in spring 2022 gives answers to all these questions. Some of the songs are quiet songs and show his roots, other songs demonstrate his other side: the period of DJ cooperations and the fun he had to be on stage when singing these dance pop songs. The album reflects the ups and downs of his success as well as the setbacks in the past years. And after studio sessions and deadlines, peer pressure and self-doubts Kelvin Jones creates the song “Cry A Little Less“ which accompanied him longer than any other song before – finalizing this song took off the load he carried on his shoulders.

“Even if I always loved my music and identify myself fully with it, I have realised that the songs do no longer have the same effect on me as before. Particularly with my new single “Cry A Little Less”, I again learned to put my whole heart onto paper, to not omit anything and to write songs which have a healing effect not only on me but also on other people. Quite simply: songs which are honest and authentic. I really do believe that people are attracted by honesty and this is exactly what I want to achieve with my new album.”

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