If a band from Hanover gives their average age as 22—and plays “disco funk”, that has to be posing. Jeremias Heimbach, Oliver Sparkuhle, Ben Hoffmann and Jonas Hermann: four virtuoso musicians who together are currently pumping new energy into the organism known as “German pop music”.

Lucio Vignolo


JEREMIAS released their debut EP “Du musst an den Frühling glauben” in October 2019. Tim Tautorat produced it; before that, he’d been much talked about with albums for Faber and AnnenMayKantereit. There followed their first festivals and support shows for GIANT ROOKS & OK KID, as well as others. When their fans bought up all the tickets to 18 shows on their first tour of their own in the spring of 2020, when they apparently have few comparable songs in their playlists, and when they sing along with a piano ballad (“Grüne Augen lügen nicht”) louder than with any other song, then neither posing nor genre concepts suffice to explain this band. To explain oneself. Instead, it‘s better to define a new genre with “disco funk” than to endeavour to use an existing term for something where there’s nothing comparable.

The second EP followed in the spring of 2020. One intro, four songs. “alma”—the “soul”. “It’s an EP about love and heartache. However theatrical it may sound, that significantly inspired us,” Jeremias says. The first album “golden hour” was released on 28 May 2021 (#9 in the album charts and to date more than 25 million Spotify streams)—almost an anachronism in an era of “songs”. An album for people in their early 20s. But not for JEREMIAS at all. Because that’s the “format” that best reflects the band. The subtle, invisible bonds that hold everything together. That endows them with meaning. And sensuousness. Because with JEREMIAS it’s always about “more”. With “hdl” they provided the kickoff that would show the band’s rapid further development. JEREMIAS are storm and stress and urgency. Discreetly packed on “mio” into flowing synthie surfaces, funky basslines and grooving drum loops. “Wenn ich’s nicht mache, macht es jemand anderes // oh mein Gott, ich hoff so sehr, dass das nicht alles ist.” That it by no means will be all—that’s what they promise with songs like “nie ankommen” and “paris”. In this sense, excitement is mounting for the mesmerizing energy and groove of their disco funk at their concerts. If you’ve seen them once, you can feel it immediately. It still exists: love at first sight!

And with just this love, this immediate magnetic attraction, JEREMIAS convinced with their sold-out golden hour Open Air and Autumn Tour 2021. There followed another sold-out tour in the spring and summer of 2022, and their biggest headline show so far at their first festival of their own: “golden hour closing with friends”, with 4,000 tickets sold after the band played at summer festivals like Hurricane, Southside and Juicy Beats. In the meantime, the band has even played on Cro’s “Trip is (a)live” tour as a support act.

Since their album “golden hour”, the band also released a single called “fin”, produced jointly with Roosevelt.

Photo: Lucio Vignolo

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