Franzi Harmsen combines danceable beats and deep feelings with electro sounds. In her texts, confidence meets despair, melancholy meets joy, a ballad encounters electro pop.



Melancholy lyrics meet up with danceable beats, deep feelings encounter electro sounds. It’s a mix of melancholy, touching strophes and a stirring chorus that so unmistakably underscore Franzi Harmsen’s musical message in her songs. That’s because sad memories and courageous steps forward are inseparably linked.

In a word: fempowerment plays just as important a role in Franzi Harmsen’s songs as her view of feelings and experiences.
She succeeds in bringing together elements that for many don’t go together at first glance. This very special talent sets her and her musical achievements apart. Confidence meets despair here. Melancholy and joy. Ballads and electro-pop. The musician and her EP are many things and yet just one at the same time: Emotional. Danceable. Courageous. Franzi Harmsen.

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