After three years silence, ELIF returned in 2020 with a top ten album. She is maintaining this trend while working with artists like Katja Krasavice and Johannes Oerdings. She has already been seen as a coach at “The Voice of Germany”, and as a part of “Sing meinen Song”.



After three years of radio silence, ELIF released a top ten album right off the bat in 2020: “NACHT”. One year later there followed the Number 1 for her collaborative single “Highway” with Katja Krasavice, as well as a nomination for the Prize for Pop Culture 2021 and her participation in “Free ESC” for Turkey. With her concert in the “O2 Priority” series, the 29-year-old singer set new standards that year for live stream concerts in Germany. Away from the stage, ELIF could also be seen as a coach on the 11th season of “The Voice of Germany” and was part of the 9th series of “Sing mein Song” on VOX.

It was already the beginning of a long journey after the release of ELIF’s second album “Doppelleben”. Of course, she had the sold-out Unplugged tour and received the German Music Authors’ Prize. But the past few years were not always easy for ELIF. She split up with her label and her management, and also ended the toxic relationship she was in at the time. After the breakup, ELIF plunged into a deep emotional abyss, and suffered a burnout. She decided to embark on therapy, and ELIF realigned her sense of self: Who do I want to be? Who was I? What kind of music did I make? How would I like to sound now? Why conform? Why be like the others? Why do what everyone expects you to do? ELIF broke with the expectations and did away with compromises. She took all the experiences, episodes and insights from the past years along with her into the studio, recording an album that could not sound more urgent and direct. While the bulk of today’s pop music hides behind metaphors and platitudes, there’s no room for filters and safety nets on “NACHT”. ELIF says things just the way they are.

Right after ELIF jumped to Number 10 on the single trends with her single “BOMBERJACKE”, she appeared on the VOX show “Sing meinen Song” alongside colleagues like Johannes Oerding, Lotte and Clueso. With the latter, ELIF released the joint single “Mond”. After her acclaimed duet, the singer’s next solo single followed: “BEIFAHRERSITZ”. “Ich hielt deine Hand auf dem Beifahrersitz / merke immer noch, dass du ein Teil von mir bist”, ELIF sings about endless journeys through the night, to vibing guitars and 808s. Hand in hand, their lungs full of smoke, big feelings in their hearts, and this one song on the radio—the song to which you dream yourself away together, while the lights of the city fly past outside. But that’s long ago. Though ELIF is still driving the same car, her hand grasps thin air. And while she drives alone through the night, playing on the radio again is that one song that makes you feel for three minutes as if everything were still as it was. But it’s far too late to turn around.

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