After he won “The Voice Kids”, it was quickly evident that Egon Werler, with his visions and his talent, would not be forgotten in a hurry. He is constantly achieving his visions with his team of musicians and producers.

Sebastian Balz


One year after his terrific win at “The Voice Kids”, you feel instantly that someone here is placing his passion, his talent, his whole heart into music, that someone, despite his young age, has a great artistic vision. At the time he collected 50,000 followers overnight on Instagram. And many more have been waiting for new music from him since the “Voice Kids” finale. “Genug geschwiegen”—his song title means “I’ve been silent long enough”—that’s also a message to those fans: I’m here now!

In the past year, Egon Werler has been writing tirelessly, and has assembled a team of musicians and producers with whom he can now fulfill his musical vision. He has continued unswervingly down his own path, against all the odds and all the obstacles one has to overcome. “Genug geschwiegen” is about anger and disappointment, as well as about how you overcome both bwhen your love of music is stronger. Here you hear an artist who is shaking off his shackles and finding his way to himself. “Genug geschwiegen”: it’s a song that emboldens people to do what they believe in—no matter what others demand of you: “Ich brauch dich nicht, um ich zu sein—ab jetzt geh ich meinen Weg allein!”

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