Cosima Henman is a German actress who has been known since her first role in the film “Teufelskicker” (Granz Henman) in 2009. Besides acting, she is experienced in a range of martial arts.



Cosima Henman was born in Cologne on 21 December 1996, the daughter of screenwriter and director Granz Henman—so she practically inherited her acting talent. In 2009, she took the leading female role in the film “Teufelskicker”, meaning that she gained her first experience in front of the camera already as a child. Since then, Cosima Henman has been seen in a whole range of TV and cinema productions, such as, for example, “Tatort—Wir, ihr, sie”, “Blockbustaz”, “Volltreffer” and “Der Lehrer”. In 2016 she played alongside Peter Kurth and Catrin Striebeck in Lars Hennings’s film “Zwischen den Jahren”, and films followed such as “Klassentreffen” and Granz Henman’s “Hilfe, ich habe meine Freunde geschrumpft”.

Cosima Henman played alongside Fritz Karl and Barbara Auer in the 2020 ARD film “Sugarlove”: an exciting psychodrama about an affair that escalates and destabilises the protagonists’ entire lives. n 2021, the following year, she took a role in Roland Emmerich’s film “The Magic Flute”. The film will be released to German movie theatres on 17 November.

In 2022 she played in both the Netflix production “Hammerharte Jungs” and in the ARD series “Morden im Norden”.
Besides acting, Cosima Henman is experienced in a range of martial arts, including boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, stick fighting and swordplay.

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