The singer / songwriter from Canada reminds with his sound of artists like Jeff Buckley, Neil Young and Joe Cocker. His music is carried not only by his voice, but also by his very tidy acoustic foundation.

Travis Latam


Billys debut single „Driver“ is a strong figurehead for the young Canadian. His characteristic sound is raw, deep rock, that reminds the listener of Jeff Buckley, Neil Young and Joe Cocker. His sound is driven by his raspy, soulful voice and his heartfelt lyrics.

“A song has to be about something that I or someone close to me experienced” says Raffoul about his sources of inspiration. “I go back to moments in my past, take these experiences apart and rebuild them to bigger things. I want people to know, that my songs are real, they have been lived.”

Raffoul knew from a young age what he wanted to do for the rest of his live. He grew up in a creative family, in the small farmtown Leamington, Ontario. His mother is an artist, author and teacher, his father Jody is a solo artist and local hero in his hometown.
Billy’s first musical experience originate from his father. “The Beatles were like Jesus in our house”, he remembers and adds, that he also listened to soul singers like Otis Redding and Sam Cooke a lot. On his tenth birthday he was gifted a guitar from his father and started to teach himself how to play.

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