Norwegian Aurora is known worldwide as a singer, songwriter and producer. With her music she inspired Billie Eilish among others.

Isak Okkenhaug


AURORA has been proving herself as a singer, songwriter and producer around the world since 2015 (with the release of her debut EP Running With The Wolves). Since then, it has garnered over 20 million monthly listeners on Spotify, a whopping 2.5 billion total streams, and more than 1 million album sales worldwide.

Growing up in the middle of forests and mountains near Bergen in Norway, Aurora Aksnes first felt the urge to create something when she was six years old. When she was twelve she wrote Runaway. A song released years later that would inspire another twelve-year-old, none other than Billie Eilish, who lived thousands of miles away, to create their own music. Runaway recently catapulted into the Top40 singles charts in Great Britain for the first time and reached the previous peak at #25, and new top positions were also achieved in the global Shazam Charts with a Top5 placement and Spotify Global Top20 - and that six (!) Years after the song was released.

July 2021 she returns with her brand new single Cure For Me. The song, written by AURORA in Australia, is about the shame to free oneself and to shut out the doubters. The powerful, optimistic track starts with her characteristically soft but soaring vocals and builds up to a dark colored carnivalesque chorus.

“Sometimes I feel like the whole world is trying to convince you something is wrong with you. And sadly often people believe this to be true. It is very scary how easy it is for someone to convince you that you are wrong. Or that you are overly emotional, too strange, and not good enough. And I think it’s about time we shut those voices out. Because in no way should anyone convince you that you are not worthy because of the way you look, or act, believe in or love. We should be allowed to be human. And we don’t need a cure for it.”

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Isak Okkenhaug