Bertie the BTA Robot


BTA uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that we use as little man-hours as possible.

And we do that with Bertie the Robot. Below are a few facts about our favourite bot.

  • Bertie works on your computers while you are sleeping - checking that settings are optimal, carrying out maintenance and updating software.
  • If your computer is connected to the internet, Bertie can connect to your computer. It can be in the office, at home, in a coffee house or on a train.
  • The human error factor does not apply to Bertie. He never forgets a task, or misses a step.
  • Bertie never sleeps.
  • Bertie is amazing. He is constantly working on several thousand computers at once - all around the world.
  • Bertie even knows your time zone; and won't interrupt  your work whether you are in New York, London or Hong Kong.
  • Bertie has been taught by BTA's finest engineers. He is the combined brain of all our cleverest people.
  • Bertie learns new things constantly. When BTA finds something new and innovative, Bertie makes it happen.
  • Bertie knows what sort of machine he is working on. He will do different work based on whether he is working on a server or a workstation, a Dell or a HP machine, a desktop or a laptop, or an Apple or a Windows computer.


For more information on Bertie the BTA Robot, please download this brochure.