Our Team 

Richard Taberner - Managing Director
Richard Taberner

Richard co-founded BTA in 1994 and remains the driving force behind the business. Whilst he maintains overall responsibility for each element of the company, his primary focus is on new business and maintaining relationships with key accounts and suppliers. Richard enjoys all aspects of his job from pre-sales to long term client management.

Darron Millar - Technical Services Director
Darron Millar

Darron joined BTA when he relocated from South Africa where he was Technical Director of the first AppleCentre in Cape Town. Since joining BTA, Darron has developed the company's service delivery team and implemented a number of critical best practice solutions. Even though Darron's overall responsibilities centre around maintaining and improving BTA's service to clients, he plays a key role in business development and presales.

Anna Thomas - Finance & HR Director
Anna Thomas

Anna has been with BTA since its inception in 1994 when she first started book keeping part-time for Richard and Scott. Anna is now responsible for all of BTA's finances from the day-to-day to the annual figures. She acts as a liaison with customers, suppliers and staff on several fronts, and enjoys the variety of her responsibilities as well as the precise nature of work in finance.

Victoria Millar - Operations Director
Victoria Millar

Victoria joined BTA in 2003 and is responsible for BTA's back office operations as well as quality assurance. Critically, she acts as liaison between the Sales and Technical Services team, ensuring projects are executed on time and as promised. Victoria has a unique in-depth knowledge of BTA's processes and systems, and plays a pivotal role in the company's delivery of consistent, high quality service.

Peter Filitz - Sales Manager
Peter Filitz

Peter trained and worked as an IT engineer before becoming a successful external sales consultant. Peter was hired in 2010, tasked with creating a successful customer-focused sales team. Rather than taking the hard sales approach, Peter and his team have adopted a consultative sales methodology which ensures the solutions designed and delivered by BTA not only meet the technical requirements, but also address clients’ core business requirements.

Ben Anin-Boateng - Technical Services Manager

Ben has recently been promoted to Technical Services Manager due to his continued commitment to BTA, diverse skillset and business-related IT expertise. Ben is responsible for identifying ways BTA can improve, implementing these improvements and assisting with ongoing client projects. What Ben enjoys most about his job is the satisfaction he gets from resolving complex issues. Ben likes playing football in his free time and has been with BTA since 2011.